Sri Lanka is Synonymous with Ageless Beauty

If you are looking for a stunning, memorable and affordable place to visit, Sri Lanka is the best option. Sri Lanka is blessed with eternal beaches, rustic villages, ageless ruins, wild flowers, exceptional range of condiments, welcoming people,  flavourful food and much more. It is known for its array of temples, secluded coasts, vast lowlands, major tea plantations, dazzling ancient sites, alluring rainforests, dense vegetation, and undiscovered beaches that are scattered across the region.

Iconic and ever so dramatic Sri Lanka has fascinating history and incredible culture. Travellers especially drift here to enjoy green mountains, cave temples, chain of islands, tumultuous waves, incredible vistas and sun baked beaches. Families love to see elephants, sambar deer, water monitor lizards and other wild animals that live here. They also taste the different types of spices and world famous food and fruits.


Ayurvedic treatments

 Most people visit Sri Lanka to revitalise their body and soul. They come here to visit the holistic spa centres that offer a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments as well as herbal treatments and massage therapies.

These therapies are helpful in body cleansing and revitalization. There are a number of ancient spas, mainly on the west coast. People often enjoy hydrotherapy, herbal baths, reflexology and other massage therapies.


Non-stop adventure

Sri Lanka is the perfect place for wind-surfing, water-skiing, para-gliding, rock climbing, surfing, sailing, scuba-diving and many other exhilarating activities. People choose the most exotic National parks and regions to enjoy their water sports, such as Wadduwa, Kalutara and Beruwela on the south-western coast.

Families also enjoy endless kayaking and canoeing as well as camping trips. They especially choose the most secluded areas to experience multifaceted landscape, wildlife, and ancient archaeological sites.


Accommodation options

 Sri Lanka is known for luxurious resorts, extraordinary hotels, eco-lodges, jungle cabins and other accommodation facilities.  Native resorts and hotels are impressive and provide high quality amenities to guests.

These beautifully decorated and stylish hotels  provide one of the best local foods and drinks. Couples visit these hotels to enjoy their honeymoon and unmatched privacy. They enjoy the timeless beauty of surrounding while rejuvenating their senses.

Unquestionably, Sri Lanka is impressive, exotic and still unexplored. Explore it.

2 Most Famous Beach Destinations In Australia

All around the globe, Australia is renowned for the Great Barrier Reef, desert wilderness, exotic beaches, kangaroos, duck-billed platypuses and remote islands. It boasts some of the longest stretches of sand-covered coast lines,  pollution-free roads, Queensland coast, and the Tasman Sea and the tallest peaks near Queensland. Travellers from across the world drift here to touch the serene beaches and  extraordinary locations.

Some of the hottest beaches to explore are:


Bondi Beach

If you love sunrise or want to swim freely in turquoise waters, or just stroll along the soft sandy beaches – choose Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is one of the most spectacular spot to roll.

Families come here to spend their holiday. They enjoy non-stop coastal walks, football, beach volleyball as well as buzzing night life. Moreover, Bondi Beach has several restaurants and hotels that offer highly exotic and mouth watering food to suit all tastes.

“Bondi is a food lover’s heaven”.

Children love to see the glimpse of ocean, ice cream parlours and dancing waves. There are many surfing and swimming spots. Most visitors choose whale watching tours to see the largest creatures in their own habitat. (Ideal whale watching time is between May and November.)

Note- On Campbell Parade, you’ll find a number of swimwear shops, including Labyrinth, The Big Swim, Sunburn and Bikini Island.

Best time to visit Bondi Beach: The best time to visit Sydney and its beaches could be around  March-April and October-November.


Whitehaven Beach

If you want to see real paradise on earth, come to Whitehaven Beach. Nicely nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven Beach is the world’s most unspoiled beaches. It is an ideal place to visit and explore. It is is protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park and boasts some of the world’s most beautiful glimpses.

Families love to roll on the white sandy beaches that are extraordinary. Ideal beach for walking, snorkelling, swimming, playing and cruising. You can explore beautiful inlets and other beach locations to relax and have fun.

You can also choose boat tours to see the marine life and scattered corals. Enjoy sailing while sipping your favourite juice with your partner in the azure waters.

Best time to visit Whitehaven Beach: The month of September labelled the best time to visit  Whitsundays.

So, pack your bags and get ready to touch the land of heaven…

Mauritius will leave your speechless

The exotic land of Mauritius will leave your speechless. It is known for its well preserved beauty, soft powder-white beaches, vicinity of wild Madagascar, as well as scattered wildlife. Travellers from across the globe drift here to witness the amazing bird species, swinging lagoons, shiny beaches, lovely trees and secluded islands. Its natural beauty makes it the most wonderful place on earth. It is enveloped by the most beautiful and mesmerising Indian Ocean. Families specially come here to see giant tortoises, pink pigeons, white dolphins, whales and sharks.


Mauritius is family friendly

If you are a lover of soft beaches, you must visit Mauritius, because it has some of the most astounding beaches that are dotted by palms. The long array of islands and beaches will take you beyond your imagination and leave your spellbound.


Mauritius deserves attention

Families spend their holidays enjoying adventure activities from hiking, kitesurfing, boat excursions to swimming. They choose special packages to see the playing and singing dolphins and whales. There are many beautiful remote islands and lagoons that are still undiscovered. Couples spend hours near coral reefs and shallow water. They collect sea shells and fabulous colourful stones that look utterly attractive.


Le Morne – Tranquil and serendipitous

 Most people visit “Le Morne”, which is the most beautiful and serene spot for beach lovers. It is  surrounded by the fishing villages that makes it even more astonishing. This region has aqua-coloured lagoons and fresh greenery all over. Rocky mountains and charming secluded spots are the most enticing places to explore in “Le Morne”.


Ultra-luxurious resorts

 Mauritius is not only popular because of its sapphire-blue waters and soft powder-white beaches, but also because of its ultra-luxurious resorts. These resorts are highly beautiful and provide the most engaging views of the Indian Ocean. These resorts are known to offer impeccable services and facilities. Guests can enjoy amazing spas, designer rooms as well as exhilarating water sports. You can enjoy high levels of comfort and luxury.


So, visit the ever so surreal Mauritius to experience its elegant.

Maldives- The most Stunning Place On Earth

Exceptionally stunning image of Maldives will be imprinted on your memories for ever. It is known for its neighbourhood of mesmerising coral islands, tropical monsoon climate, resort islands, white sandy beaches as well as scattered plant life. Families from across the world come here to enjoy the incredible environment, scattered lagoons, sparkling waters, peaceful beaches, green trees and secluded areas. Its natural beauty, colourful coral reefs, fish species, whales and dolphins, make it the most stunning place on earth.

 Maldives is a blessed island country

Maldives lies southwest of India and Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean. The region is blessed with sand bars, dramatic backdrops, lengthy atolls, Marine ecosystem and blue lagoons. The region is ideal to spend holidays because it is brimmed with the most beautiful places. Holiday makers specially drift here to see the submerged paradise.

 Enjoy long walks

Families enjoy long walks along sandy beaches. They witness the murmuring of waves and tranquillity of wind. They collect beautiful dead coral and shells that are quite wonderful to touch. In fact, the long queues of crabs and turtles look highly pleasing. Most people wait for sea turtles to come out of the ocean to lay eggs.  They enjoy football in the evening and relaxing in the serene seaside cafés.

 Meet local Maldivians

Families meet indigenous people, experience their local culture and cuisine and enjoy their holidays. One of the most wonderful things is that they indulge in the daily excursions to capture the most extraordinary moments. No doubt, the culture of Maldives is strange, but interesting.

 Rest and relax

 Couples choose the most romantic resorts and villas that not only offer perfect intimacy, but also offer comfort, convenience and exciting amenities. These resorts and villas have impeccable furnishing and welcoming décor that is worth seeing. They embrace the essence of comfort and perfection in these facilities.

 A perfect honeymoon harbour

People select Maldives for their wedding because it is the purest place on earth to get engaged with the soul mates. This symbolic place is not only naturally blessed, but also packed with the most luxurious resorts that can make any wedding worth memorable. These resorts provide especial honeymoon packages to couples so that they can enjoy in a seamless manner. That is why people also call it a perfect honeymoon harbour.

So, what are you waiting for, come out and splash water in soul-pleasing – Maldives.

Maldives – The Most Impressive Wonderland

Maldives is known for its coral surroundings, tropical climate, soft sandy beaches as well as scattered wildlife. Travellers from around the globe drift here to see the glimpse of Indian Oceans. Its shimmering beaches attracts the maximum number of people. Its beauty, coral reefs, and endangered fish species makes it the best place to explore.

 The world’s best beach destination

With almost 98% of its territory being sea, it is one of the world’s best beach destination. It attracts people because of its turquoise blue waters and inhabited islands. Its beach locations are popular with tourists.

 Array of scattered and lovely islands

Visitors love to explore scattered and lovely islands. You can stroll along the neighbouring beaches to sense the rushing waves and swimming corals and shells. Its beauty and surrounding environment makes it a worth place to visit. You can follow the footprints of sea birds and enjoy your vacations under the umbrella of sky and clouds.

 Ideal beaches to explore

If you are a beach lover,  move towards Fulhadhoo. It is an ideal beach in Maldives and has many luxury hotels to rest and relax. It is unique and completely rustic. Photographers especially come here to take world-class pictures.

The local region is completely built-up with small houses. You will enjoy several miles of white soft sand. In fact, you can experience fresh breeze in lush tropical vegetation that is perfect for newly wedded couples.

You can explore remote coves, islands and many other locations after sunset. The most wonderful thing is that it is affordable to visit Fulhadhoo beach.

If you love adventure sports, you must choose Amilla Fushi. It is a well know island in Baa Atoll. Here, all of the beaches are distinctive, excellent and quite mesmerising as well as ideal for adventure sports. There are many areas that are covered with palms and lush green vegetation. You can enjoy sun, sand and waves with your family and friends. In fact, you can enjoy  snorkeling, sun bathing, kayaking and water surfing.

So, what are you waiting for, gear up to enter into this wonderland.

Experience the Beautiful Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal – The Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are the most exotic and beautiful archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. Travellers especially drift here to experience the iconic palm-lined, soft-sandy beaches, expansive mangroves  and lush tropical rainforests.  Families enjoy the floating coral reefs, supporting marine life. Kids love titanic sharks and playful rays in the deep waters. There are many popular diving and snorkelling sites that are worth exploring.

Explorers come here to see the supremacy of:

  • Littoral forest
  • Mangrove forest
  • Brackish water mixed forest
  • Submontane forest
  • Tropical rainforest canopy
  • Large grasslands
  • Turbo, Trochus, Murex and Nautilus

 Havelock Island

Most visitors choose Havelock Island in Andaman because it is has some of the most popular beaches. Tourists especially come here to see Peel Island and Neill Island that are known for their picture perfect beauty.

Families flock to distant beach locations for  powdery sands, impressive waters and sunshine. In fact, this is the right place for scuba diving, cruising, fishing,  kayaking and of course for local foods.

Havelock Island is also famous among honeymooners because it has a large number of resorts.

Ross Island

Ross Island offers the best of both worlds. Families access miles of surprisingly relaxing shorelines and the most beautiful rural areas. The areas is ideal for those looking to escape  the hurly-burly of life.

Couples love Ross island because it a quite and calm. This feature makes it an excellent choice amongst vacationers. Adventure enthusiasts especially visit here to enjoy different types of sporting activities including sea walking.

The region is known for laid-back environment, fascinating people, staggering shorelines as well as gorgeous weather.


  • Ideal Tourist Season: October to May.
  • For Monsoon Holidays: June to September.
  • Clothing : Cotton throughout the year.
  • Climate: Tropical and Humid. Humidity ranges between 70% and 90% with a gentle breeze blowing at all times.


People penetrate the thickest forest of Ross Island to witness the wildlife as well as life of local villagers. They spot deer, wild buffaloes and peacocks that are mostly found in the island. The island is also blessed with the amazing species of palm and coconut trees.

So, if you want to see sparkling beaches, ancient tribes and serenity all over the place, visit  Andaman.  

Encounter Mother Nature in Sri Lanka

Lengthy, unexplored, and silky soft golden beaches, titanic waves, foggy hills, touch of wind, waves and droplets, mighty royal elephants, and texture of greenery, explain the cheerful axiom of nature -Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the hottest travel destination when it comes to uninhabited shape-shifting islands, calm ambience, vast butterfly inhabited highlands and magnificent glimpse of Indian Ocean.

This small island is quite wonderful and narrates its own beauty traits. Travellers from all across the world come here to view the carnival of vistas and green mountains.

Get ready to rediscover the spirit of happiness…

Culture and history

Sri Lanka’s astonishing culture and lovely history make it unique. Its misty hills, mountains, rising waves and sun kissed beaches make your vacations wonderful and memorable. Families love to see amazing wildlife and enjoy thrilling adventure. They savour the world famous spicy food, exotic fruits and other perfect recipes.

Unique pearl shape

Sri Lanka attracts honeymoon couples as well as families . This heavenly pure island has everything to offer from shiny beaches to rocky coves. Couples select the secluded beaches to explore each other. Families move towards soul awakening coastal plains and lagoons that are quite peaceful and heavenly.


Families enjoy the transcending biodiversity, Indomalaya ecozone, a wide range of native animal and plant species and extensive forest reserves with unthinkable expression of awe. They spot the herds of elephant, deer, and peacocks all around the reserves.


When it comes to serendipitous beaches nothing can beat the rambling beauty of ever so prominent – Negombo beach. It attracts the maximum number of people because of its inspiring  beauty. It is known for lengthy and sandy beaches that are mesmerising. People especially drift here to savour the real essence of Sri Lanka. Its tropical rainforest climate makes it a wonderful travel destination.

The trivial tale of beauty and excellence, Kalutara is also a hot favourite travel destination because it has sultry beaches that are guarded by palm trees. Its environment is somewhat esoteric, delightful and dazzling as well as perfect for couples and families.

Get ready to encounter Mother Nature in Sri Lanka…

Tall coconut trees dissolves fun in the environment and keep it fresh and stunning. Its geographic features are memorable and surprise travellers. Families hang around the nearby alluring fishing villages to  talk to villagers and taste local food .

So, explore the picturesque beauty and diversely vibrant aesthetics of Sri Lanka and discover yourself.

Thailand – The Land Of Mysterious Malay Culture

With wonderful and award winning cuisine, obscure coves, shiny beaches, lurching waves, and a super captivating culture; Thailand is one of the best travel destinations to consider for fantastic holidays. The region is known for offering irresistible food, authentic travel experience and dazzling backdrops that can inspire anyone. The region is hot favourite for honeymoon couples, because it offers them the perfect opportunity to explore each other and kick start their new life in a passionate manner.

Spirit of Nature

The rainforest, climate, culture, art and traditions of Thailand inspire and motivate couples and encourage them to go beyond the limits of romance. The hidden coves, lengthy bays towards Malay Peninsula and warm climate suits almost all tastes and preferences.

City buzz – Bangkok

Global holiday makers and newly wedded couples hit the modern extravaganza and savour the aesthetics of modern life. They enjoy sky train, which is second to none. It offers a pleasurable experience and allow people to explore Bangkok. They enjoy lunch and dinner in the high rise restaurants and savour the world’s finest cocktails in rooftop restaurants. No wonder, this has become an international sensation for couples and holiday makers alike.

Spiritual heaven – Phuket

Most couples move towards the spiritual heaven of Phuket, which is an ideal rainforested, mountainous island. It is nestled in the Andaman Sea and attracts people through its unbridled beauty and contours. People call it a mermaid of the Andaman Sea because of its shape and size. It boasts some of the most stunning and dazzling beaches.

People enjoy crystal clear water, warm western shores, cheerful palm and sensual breeze. Its mountains ranges, coastal areas, brooks and creeks, river basins and sunset point take you to another world. Holiday makers enjoy local food, dance with local people and explore the hidden aspects of ancient and somewhat mysterious Malay culture.


Whether you are choosing Thailand for your honeymoon or leisure travelling, just book a better resort according to your preferences to enjoy breakfast, snacks, Wi-Fi, complimentary drinks and much more.

Are you ready to smell the aroma of beautiful lush green rainforests of Thailand.

Explore The Ethereal Beauty Of Hawaii

Hawaii is a perfect retreat for adventure seekers, natural beauty lovers and passionate people . This is the best place to explore hidden shark coves, waves, serenity of beaches, chic style resorts and above all the ever so dazzling and lengthy isolated volcanic archipelago, which narrates its own story. Not to forget its amiable and poise chain of exotic islands-Niʻihau, Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Maui to the Island of Hawaii.

Expanse of Nature, spirituality and deep isolation

The region is adorned with the most pleasant variety of herbs and shrubs that is sprinkled all over the region. Its climate, art and culture makes it an ideal place to visit. Those who love nature, spirituality, deep isolation, and wild bird and animal species often drift here. In other words, this is a place where nature swings in its own way.

Holidaymakers as well as adventure enthusiasts prefer this region because it has everything to offer. They penetrate the deepest and wildest wet tropical rainforests, explore the hidden slopes, hills, mountain range and move through the dense rainforest to have a wonderful time. Its vegetation is bewildering and can put anyone in awe.

Explore Oahu – An Island in Hawaii

People who love sand, sun and kinetic waves, often choose Oahu to explore its finest beaches. It is known for its beautiful and mesmerising beaches that are unique in almost all senses.

    Some of its most wonderful beaches are:

  • Ala Moana Beach
  • Hanauma Bay
  • Kaneohe Bay
  • Ko Olina Beach Park
  • Kailua
  • Lanikai Beach
  • Sandy Beach

Romantic and adventurous environment

The region of Oahu is known for offering romantic and adventurous environment. It is both peaceful and exciting. Couples enjoy luxury cruise, buzzing culture, authentic cuisines and exotic nature. No doubt, it is the best honeymoon destination because it boasts sense-striking lush green valleys, shimmering lakes, high mountains as well as picturesque scenery.

So get ready for that ethereal experience in this beautiful region…

Amazing Places To Explore In England

When it comes to the sense-invoking blend of ancient and modern culture, art and aesthetics, language and etiquettes, nature and artificial wonders, sun and waters, iconic sights and fascinating history, nothing can beat the irresistibly exciting England. It is one of the finest places to roll and enjoy. No wonder, worldwide explorers and holiday makers choose this place.

Here are a few beautifully places to explore in England:

Yorkshire – The most inspiring place to roll

Holiday makers specially visit Yorkshire because it is the most exhilarating and eye-catching place on earth. It is known for its seamless depiction of natural beauty. It also offers world-class food and drink along with astonishing resorts, hotels and restaurants.

The sheer stimulating beauty of Yorkshire is simply breathtaking and can inspire anyone. It was the hot favourite place for painters, Victorian artists and singers. Visitors love to explore heritage sites.

They soak up the swinging beauty of expansive parks, captivating farmlands, moorlands and their magic of utter tranquillity. They especially visit family friendly gardens that have hypnotising backdrops and marvellous landscapes. Visitors also love to visit ancient restaurants that have exclusively pretentious wooden furniture and maintain intimate ambience for discerning families. It has inexplicably glorious décor and gentle dynamics that can attract anyone.

Bath – The perfect delight for visitors

Bath has a fascinating and truly interesting history. Visitors come here to experience the reflection of golden past, Roman life, exclusive galleries and artistic museums. It is the most stunning and marvellous place that has everything to offer. It also has many incredible places to eat, dance and party.

Bath also boasts some of the most elegant, charming and luxurious hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels as well as resorts. Visitors choose studios and hotels that have Georgian terrace and figurative furnishing.

You can visit the ever so surprising Bath for an exciting vacation, day break or to explore unimaginable views.

So, if you are looking to enjoy wide-ranging and stunning natural vistas, breathtaking riverside walks, fantastic architecture, and serene gardens, visit Bath and Yorkshire in England.