Get Ready To Explore 3 Most Exciting and Wonderful Locations

It is true that nothing can beat the excitement of exploring new places and visiting wonderful locations. If you have penchant to visit the most dramatic travel destinations, continue reading…



China is not only famous for its architectural grandeur and historical significance, but also for its appealing natural beauty. It has some of the most stunning grasslands, deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers and an extensive coastline. Explorers specially choose China because it has bewildering palace complexes, dominating religions – Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism as well as extraordinary ancient temples and monasteries.

Explorers hit the land of China because of its vast and diverse landscape. It also offers them the distinctive opportunity to navigate subtropical forests, the Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts, the Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamir and Tian Shan mountain ranges, and the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers that are known for their massive power and scale. So, get ready to rediscover your zing in China…


Rio de Janeiro

It’s a place where sun kisses, wind pampers, beaches jumps and trees smiles…Yes, this the most enthusiastic land of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Warm and welcoming people of Rio encourage explorers to get indulge in samba dance and leave their stress and tensions at bay.

Family visitors  explore the most famous Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corcovado Mountain, Christ Redeemer Statue, Tijuca National Park, botanical gardens as well as Copacabana Beach. All these places are worth exploring. So, are you ready to have an eye contact with the inexplicable grace of nature in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?


Rotorua, NZ (prettiest spectacle is about to roll..)

Permutations and combinations don’t work here, only nature rules…yes, it is a land of remarkable splendour. Famous among mountain bikers, walkers and hikers, this place – Rotorua has some of the most engaging forests, lakes as well as mountains. People not only enjoy lazy sprints, but also choose spa and wellness treatments to feel revitalised and rejuvenated.

Some people choose mud baths, thermal baths and mineral water treatments to look beautiful and young. They also roam across the region to taste the most delicious food of New Zealand. There are many bars and restaurants that offer authentic food to travellers. No doubt, this place will never disappoint you…


  • Hire a friendly and professional guide.
  • Book guided tours in advance.
  • Choose hotel pick-up and drop-off facility for maximum comfort.

So, contact Lets Talk Travel & get ready to feel the buzz…

Enjoy Unforgettable Moments In Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has some of the most striking natural wonders. It is known across the world because of its stunning vicinity of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. It’s natural scenes, vibrant communities, endless golden sand, palm-fringed beaches, titanic waterfalls, plunging valleys, ascending peaks as well as lush greenery seduce global explorers, adventurers and families alike.


Rugged terrains

People love to stroll on rugged terrains and enjoy thrilling mountain biking through the dense rainforests. They enjoy zip-lining, climbing and visit cocoa, sugar and banana plantations regions. Adventure enthusiasts enjoy a great variety of water sports and also spend their time to see the most beautiful creatures – dolphins and whales.


Fresh soul-touching vibes

The island is irresistible and exudes fresh soul-touching vibes. In fact, the neighbouring islands (such as Barbados, Saint Vincent, etc.) are equally breathtaking and divine. One more thing, Saint Lucia is ideal for enjoying yachts and boat rides. So, are you ready to see forests, mountains and chest-thumping Caribbean Sea?

Saint Lucia offers dramatic views of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. The natural vistas of valleys and peaks exhibit swathes of blessed greenery. Neighbouring hills and forests have many species of birds.



People not only enjoy sipping cocktail under colourful umbrellas, but also non-stop sailing and yachting. They choose the most beautiful locations/marinas with the help of travel guides to have an exceptional and smooth sailing experience.



Saint Lucia offers great diving and snorkelling opportunities to its guests. People can enjoy snorkelling in crystal clear waters in good weather conditions. In fact, they experience a great variety of underwater coral reefs that are unique and somewhat typical. One of the best things is that, one can spot octopus, turtles and eels swimming around you.


How to reach Saint Lucia?

Don’t hit the books, brochures or maps, reaching Saint Lucia is a piece of cake, just move towards the north west of Barbados.


  • Visit Rodney Bay to enjoy natural scenery and delicious local cuisines.
  • Explore Gros Islet for secluded and romantic beaches.
  • Visit Dennery Quarter to taste tropical fruits and seafood.
  • Book your flights and hotels at the right time to get discounts on travel packages.

So, don’t just sit on the fence, take out your flip-flops and get ready to stroll around Saint Lucia.

4 Untouched Travel Destinations

Wondering where to spend your family holidays?

We have an ideal list for you…



Providencia Archipelago is a remote Caribbean island with incredible scenery, beautiful golden-sand beaches, friendly locals, breathtaking mountains, lush greenery, sea horizon and superb diving. This slice of paradise is famous for its traditional vibes as well as secluded beach areas. Travellers to San Andrés visit this island to scuba diving, hiking, running and relaxing on the beaches.

The surrounding beauty of Providencia is dramatic. It has many hotels, restaurants and resorts that have sea facing rooms. This island has many treasures that are still unexplored. Families stumble here to relax, find turtles and island fishes.



Shimla is one of India’s most popular hill resorts. It is famous for its mountain views, vegetation, steep forested hillsides, serpentine streets, loaded bazaars, chilling winter, and neighbouring travel attractions.

Families drift here to see the snow clad mountains, natural wonders as well as extravagant hotels and resorts. People wander around the Ridge, Jakhoo Hill, Mall Road, Christ Church, Kufri, etc. Are you ready to enjoy the timeless beauty of Shimla?


Santorini (the precious gem of the Aegean)

There is no denying the fact that crescent-shaped Santorini is one of the hottest and romantic travel destinations. It is nicely settled in the Aegean Sea. People from across the globe amble here to see rugged landscapes, laid-back lifestyle, olive trees, whitewashed, cubiform houses, neighbouring smaller islands, broad volcanic-sand beaches as well as white lava pebbles.

The region is blessed with sea-drowned caldera, hot springs, incredible panoramas, sunset points as well as awesome backstreets. Families enjoy long walks and hiking, taste wines, and enjoy swimming. July and August are the peak travel time…



Brisbane is ideal for exploring never-ending valleys, street food, trails, beaches, national parks, farms, bush lands, as well as expansive lakes. No doubt, it is the most wonderful place on earth. Its natural beauty and attributes make it one of the most happening place on earth. Families not only enjoy the street food and soak up the culture of Brisbane, they also move towards Lake Moogerah and Moogerah Peaks to experience rugged and undeveloped volcanic peaks. These places are ideal for hiking enthusiasts and walkers.

In fact, the neighbouring Bribie Island looks quite stunning and attracts visitors from across the globe. Adventure lovers go extra mile and visit Mt Barney National Park, which is known for its fabulous landscapes and camp sites. Don’t forget to take your camera with you, because it has some of the most spectacular landscapes.

Tips –

  • Always keep your map and camera with you.
  • Do your own research to book camp sites as well as travel packages.
  • If you are a budget-conscious traveller, book hotels in advance.

So, get ready to cuddle these exotic travel destinations

3 Travel Destinations for Pleasure Seekers


Montréal is one of the most stunning cities in Canada’s Québec province. It’s known for its food, festivals, restaurants, cobblestone streets, the Saint Lawrence River as well as for and art and culture. People come here to enjoy diverse recreational activities such as cycling, golfing, swimming, skating, skiing and sledding. They love to enjoy zip-lining, surfing the rapids, rock climbing and much more in Montréal. In fact, Montréal is one of the best holiday destination for kids and families. They go extra mile to see the elegance of the Ottawa River.

Most people choose Montréal because of its extraordinary architecture. They visit Place Jacques Cartier, grey stone constructions, the Basilica,  downtown, Saint Louis Square, Olympic Stadium, Montreal Botanical Garden as well as interconnected shopping complexes.



Miami is one of the world’s most fabulous vacation destinations. It is famous for night clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and historic hideways. It offers endless shopping opportunities in modern, sprawling malls and many other corners of the region. People also enjoy deep-sea fishing, art festivals as well as food and wine.

Families visit Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay, Lake Okeechobee, Miami Rock Ridge, barrier islands, Miami Beach, South Beach and many other locations that are worth exploring. So, get away from the noisy world and plan a trip to one of the most stunning places on earth – Miami.



Glistening beauty, delicious seafood, balmy beach retreats, vintage wine, and Mediterranean climate are synonymous to Croatia. It is the friendliest place on earth with the most stunning museums, fascinating history and coastal areas. Families enjoy snorkelling, diving, kayaking, windsurfing as well as sailing. Croatia has plenty to offer…

People explore the Adriatic Sea, Dinaric Alps, Dinara peak, the Plitvice lakes, dolomite and limestone cascades and many other region in splendid regions of Croatia. Adventure enthusiasts love this region because of its canyons and barriers, forests and mountains as well as amazing biodiversity that provides numerous excellent adventure opportunities. Stay in one of the luxurious resorts/hotels to enjoy a deluxe vacation. Get ready to unwind…

If you are a pleasure-seeking vacationer, choose one of the above given travel destinations and have a peaceful vacation…

3 Perfectly Romantic Holiday Destinations For Couples

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most romantic, peaceful and stunning travel destinations for couples. It is the most thrilling and exciting place that has everything to offer. Couples can enjoy a great number of adventure activities from zip lining to rain forest traversing. They often explore the dense and green rainforests, and stay in treehouses that provides an exhilarating experience. People can enjoy the most diverse wildlife and experience white-water rafting as well.

Couples often browse through the cloud forests, moist forests, oak forests, high elevations, Pacific slopes, central valley, lowland plains, ridges, savanna-like terrains as well as coastal areas that boasts engaging and enchanting vibes.

They also move to the forest areas to see the most beautiful bird life. In fact, the expanse of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean makes it the most fantastic romantic holiday destination. No doubt, Costa Rica can flare up the romance between you two…



If you want to do tango under endless skies, choose Bahamas. Its glorious weather, tranquil beach atmosphere and clean water can wash away your fatigue in seconds. It has many hotels and resorts that allow you to spend quality time with your soul mate.

The most interesting thing is that Bahamas is blessed with sunny weather and relatively constant temperature, which makes it the most exclusive travel destination.

Moreover, couples specially pick Bahamas because it has many islands floating around the transparent blue sea, which opens the door for dazzling marine adventure. Couples also take time to swim with sharks, play with dolphins, as well as explore colourful sunlit reefs. Get ready to create lasting memories with your partner in Bahamas…


New Zealand

No doubt, New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most stunning landscapes, which makes it the perfect getaway for romantic couples. It offers a great variety of opportunities from skydiving, jet boating to mountain hiking.

Couples enjoy the ecology, vegetation, and subtropical regions of New Zealand and enjoy island hopping too.  Spend some time here doing beach yoga, beach massages, and sunbathing with your partner…

There are many cosy and breathtaking five-star hotels and accommodation facilities that can make your stay even more pleasurable. Get ready for candlelit dinners, long walks, and pampering accommodations…

So, choose one of these romantic gateways to kick start your life in your own way…

3 Most Unrivalled Travel Destinations


Amsterdam is famous for its classic museums, kinky festivals, live music, laid-back and pleasing restaurants, as well as wonderful photogenic locations. Worldwide people love to stumble here to see and explore romantic canals, art museums, historic buildings as well as inspiring ancient sights. Families visit ancient churches, bridges, waterways and windmills.

There are many world famous monuments and galleries that can inspire anyone. Its art and culture attract global art lovers and transport them to the 13th century.

If you are a cyclist, you will love this place, because it has a great cycling tracks as well as parking areas. It is also a renowned paradise for boating enthusiasts.

Things to explore in Amsterdam:

  • Vibrant beach clubs
  • The Dutch coast and the beaches at Bloemendaal
  • The Keukenhof flower gardens



People from across the globe drift here to see dazzling landscapes, expanse of the Aegean Sea, stunning sunset points, white lava pebbles, whitewashed houses, prehistoric villages, hot spring as well as hiking areas.

Explorers hit this island to have the most wonderful time. The region has crystal clear water, gorgeous locations, and many peaceful villages.

Things to explore in Santorini:

  • Volcanic craters
  • Santorini caldera
  • Skaros Rock


Galápagos Islands

It is a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean that is renowned for its biodiversity, rich environment,  as well as fresh vibes. It is famous among eco-travellers.

People also move towards other islands such as Baltra to see amazing desert vegetation. Explorers also enjoy the interesting connection between flora and fauna, which is rare and somewhat mysterious.

Things to explore in Galápagos Islands:

  • Rare herbs and shrubs
  • Migrating tortoises
  • Underwater life


  • Always carry camera, documents, adventure gears and maps with you.
  • Book your holiday package in advance.
  • Book the best flight and resort packages for ultimate comfort.

So, if you are looking for an unrivalled expedition, choose one of the above given travel destinations.

3 Most Inspiring And Exclusive Travel Destinations for Avid Travellers


Barcelona, a major cultural and economic hub in south western Europe, is one of the most inspiring tourist destinations. It also attracts global tourists because of its geography, which encompasses Iberian Peninsula, Mediterranean Sea, vast plains, powerful Llobregat river as well as several small hills. The region of Barcelona is famous for striking views, park and botanic & sculpture gardens as well as a humid subtropical climate. This region can stir your heart…

People love to stumble around the ancient streets, tapas bars, wine shops, hotels, boutiques and world-class architectures. In fact, Barcelona is an ideal place to rejoice amazing culture, temple columns, museums, ancient city walls, and plazas. Barcelona also has many beaches as well as an extensive coastline. Sun and sand lovers, hit these beaches to enjoy beautiful sunset. Get ready to unlock your imagination…

Things to explore in Barcelona:



Whether you are a nature or wildlife lover or a heritage lover, you should visit Tasmania. It is a pure land of bliss. It has many natural wonders, stunning landscapes as well as a rich diversity of wildlife. People from around the world visit here to see the most enigmatic plant and wildlife.

Adventure seekers choose Tasmania for non-stop sailing, surfing, hiking, swimming, diving, rafting and kayaking. It offers incredible outdoor adventure experiences. Families explore pebble beaches, sea cliffs and much more. No doubt, this region paints a captivating portrait of nature…

Things to explore in Tasmania:

  • The Overland Track
  • Wineglass Bay
  • Kelp forests



Honduras is famous around the world because of its Caribbean Sea coastline, ancient Mayan ceremonial sites as well as many other fascinating places. It is a place where rivers talk, and oceans move. This region will leave you speechless…

Not only explorers, but also family travellers choose Honduras to uncover its sandy beaches, awesome environment, and incredible diving sites. They also enjoy fishing and snorkelling in Diamond Cay. Honduras is sure to engage people of all ages…

Things to explore in Honduras:

  • Archaeological site – Copan
  • Mesoamerican Barrier Reef
  • Ancient culture
  • San Pedro Sula


“With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding.”

So, get ready to experience these absolute miracles of nature…

3 Most Fabulous And Blessed Travel Destinations


Rome is famous for art, culture, elegant architecture and vibrant street life as well as rich history. People and specially newly wed couples choose Rome to express their true feelings. This region is blessed with stunning art and Roman Catholic churches as well as museums. Explorers amble here to see the most iconic gladiatorial arena, ruins of Roman empire, sculpted fountains, as well as marvellous paintings that are well preserved in museums. Romance is never far away in Rome…

People stumble around the pubs, restaurants, bazars, night clubs, cafes and malls to enjoy the local life. In fact, Rome is an ideal place for endless entertainment. It is truly a breathtaking place…


Kerala (India)

Touched by the Arabian Sea, kissed by the towering Western Ghats and graciously networked by 44 interconnected rivers, Kerala is one of the most exclusive travel destinations. It is known for its discrete set of geographical features and formations. It not only offers some of the most impressive beaches, but also tranquil lagoons, backwaters, green hill and exotic wildlife. This region may exceed your imagination…

Not only religious people and newly wed couples reach here, but also nature lovers who want to see highlands, hills, valleys, canals, river systems as well as other areas that are nothing short of paradise.  People from all across the world come here for aqua tourism.


New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for extraordinary vegetation, superior landscapes, peaceful beaches, spectacular ancient volcanoes, green pastures as well as fascinating bay areas. It is an ideal land of natural wonders. People visit here to experience the exotic forest charm as well as natural reserves. Get ready to replenish your soul…

People move around to see rural areas, coastal villages, and Coromandel Peninsula, which are known for their authentic charm. There are many beaches, waterfalls and hills that can make your travelling experience even more rejuvenating. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can enjoy a lot of adrenaline filled activities such as hiking, caving, sky diving, walking, skiing, kayaking, water rafting and much more. Its natural canvas is larger than life…


  • Stroll with your partner on the sandy beaches.
  • Book your honeymoon package in advance.
  • Never forget to enjoy spa treatments and taste exceptional food and wine in these regions.

Get ready to lose yourself…

3 Most Exotic And Weird Travel Destinations


If monastery, morning market, Thai food and green highland hopping appeal to you,  explore the extravagant land of Thailand. It is famous for its beautiful offbeat hills, golden temples, shrines, glittering monasteries as well as extensive river valleys. Most of the travellers move towards Southern Thailand, which consists of narrow Kra Isthmus that slithers into the Malay Peninsula. There are many weird geographical regions that are known for natural resources, ancient ruins, white-sand beaches, ancient ruins, geographical features, as well as physical setting. These regions have diverse setting and famous some of the most exotic and romantic islands.

History and culture of Thailand attracts explorers from across the world. People also love to taste the most delicious food items, explore dense mountains as well as rushing waterfalls that originates from the craggy limestone cliffs.


Assam (India)

It is a famous state in north eastern India. It is known for its incredible vicinity of Himalayas along the Brahmaputra river. The region is blessed with exotic wildlife, greenery, natural beauty, valleys as well as hills. People not only come here to see the mighty river Brahmaputra, but also timeless temples and a resonating rural and wildlife life. There are many districts in Assam that are unique in many senses, such as Bongaigaon, Dibrugarh, etc.

People often go towards Bongaigaon, an ancient region that is famous for many historical monuments of Assamese culture. Even the neighbouring Dibrugarh district is highly breathtaking. It occupies a greater area and attracts people because of its large tea producing region.  There are many unexplored and mesmerising regions in Assam, so visit here to touch the grace of nature…



Aruba (in the Kingdom of the Netherlands) comes with promises of non-stop adventure, sports, fishing as well as endless exploration. Whether you are an adventure junkie or an admirer of nature, this is the place for you to explore. The landscape of beaches and rolling hills of Aruba are sure to captivate you with their sheer elegance.

Explorers often drift here to see natural bridges, exotic flora and fauna. The climate of the region is tropical semi arid, which attracts tourism from across the globe. People love to spend their time on the Palm beach, which second to none. They also visit Arashi Beach, Baby Beach, Caves of Aruba as well as Rodgers beach that are the prime highlights of Aruba. No doubt, there’s a lot to uncover in Aruba…

So, pack your bags to create everlasting memories

3 Most Exclusive Travel Destinations For Nature Enthusiasts


Fiji is a land of diverse landscapes and dramatic seascapes. It is an engaging and peaceful archipelago of more than 300 islands. Known across the world for its hot palm-lined beaches, exotic coral reefs as well as clear lagoons, it has something to offer to everything.

Most of the islands are uninhabited and are worth exploring. The flora and fauna of Fiji are remarkably unique.  Are your ready to experience wilderness beyond your imaginations?

Most explorers experience the aura of Fiji through resorts and villas as well as a wide variety of aquatic activities. Not to mention, Fiji is by far the most ideal place to enjoy swimming and diving.

To awaken their taste buds, visitors move to rural areas to savour a wide variety of local food (raw tuna, rice, reef fish, coconut cream, etc.) Fiji also provides a wide range of shopping and dining options.

So, whether you want to hit the golden sand or experience the extravaganza of reef system, Fiji is the finest place to consider.



Believe it or not, Mozambique is one of the most dazzling southern African nation, which is known for its long Indian Ocean coastline. It is the best place to see great lakes, lengthy beaches, coral reefs, and manta rays.

Visitors come here to experience historic lighthouses, friendly atmosphere, coastal lifestyle, long beaches as well as awesome greenery.

People often come here to enjoy non-stop scuba diving and swimming. Even the bird life of this region is second to none.

Are you ready to experience the culture, nature, ethics and customs of Mozambique?



known for its rich biodiversity, Malaysia is the land of surprise. Visitors choose it because it has primordial rain forests, lofty mountains, golden beaches, pristine diving sites and picturesque shoreline.

Malaysia is the best place for die-hard jungle trekkers because they can move to the dense mangrove forests, rugged highlands and National Parks. Some people choose long arduous mountain trails to challenge their guts. So, whether you want to sense the essence of animal kingdom or experience the engrossing natural splendour, Malaysia is the perfect option to choose.

Get ready to read the lyrical illustration of nature in Malaysia.


  • Always take your survival kit before going on a jungle safari.
  • Book an all-inclusive hotel/resort in advance.
  • Wherever you go respect the environment.
  • Always carry a medical kit and take camera equipment with you.

So, if you want to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, choose the above mentioned travel destinations.

Bon voyage!